Britain’s basic Muslim homosexual marriage as dude which attempted to kill on his own over sex links knot

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26 شهریور 1400

Britain’s basic Muslim homosexual marriage as dude which attempted to kill on his own over sex links knot

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A Muslim guy just who attempted to destroy himself after are assaulted over their sex is known getting get to be the to begin his religion in the united kingdom to marry in a same-sex nuptials.

Jahed Choudhury, 24, grew up feelings ostracised since he was actually gay and am transferred on a religious pilgrimage to convert his or her sexual placement.

After a life-time of intimidation that encouraged your to attempt to get his personal existence, 19-year-old Sean Rogan determine your sobbing on a workbench. Now hitched, they have not looked back since.

Meter r Choudhury, from Darlaston, Walsall, explained: “it is about displaying visitors Need to caution. My loved ones. envision it is a condition and that can be healed, a few of my family continue to call-it a phase.

“i wish to tell everybody reading through the same task that’s it’s acceptable – we’re going to reveal depends upon that one may staying homosexual and Muslim.”

At a low-key wedding at Walsall registry company, Mr Choudhury wore conventional Muslim apparel when he marry Mr Rogan, his or her spouse of 2 years.

I n something regarded as a social taboo for all typical Muslims, Mr Choudhury is regarded as the not all openly-gay Muslim men and considered to be one throughout the uk to marry another boy.

G rowing with Bangladeshi parents and three siblings in a standard Muslim house, Mr Choudhury remembers are the “black sheep” for the personal.

He will be right now looking forward to lives with Mr Rogan, whom the guy found while weeping on a bench in Darlaston.

Meters roentgen Choudhury mentioned: “I would not long overdosed and I ended up being crying on a bench and Sean come over and expected basically is fine. He or she provided me with wish at undoubtedly my favorite least expensive guidelines in which he’s stood by me personally entirely.

“we stood out like a sore flash – I never liked sports, we desired viewing form programs on TV set. I remember being caught.”

He put: “It had gone on school, visitors would throw on me personally, empty the garbage bins on me personally, give me a call pig and Muslim group would shout ‘harum’ – that’s a rather awful abuse inside language.”

Several trying to “transform” their sex-related positioning contains him getting a gf, modifying his or her friendly range, having drug and also happening a pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh.

As outlined by Mr Choudhury, the circumstance simply grabbed tough – he was attacked by fellow Muslims in the street just where he lived and the word “fag” was actually sprayed on his or her gate.

T he or she mosque he’d came to for 10 years not any longer authorized your in in which he was actually attacked by some other Muslim guys. Experience ostracised, Mr Choudhury attempted to eliminate himself.

H age mentioned: “I would come viciously assaulted by Muslim males, your mosque told me non-Muslims are not let in.

“I tried destroying personally and that I then met Sean. The lodging connection grabbed united states a residence in weekly and in addition we’ve been dwelling collectively from the time of. We proposed on Sean’s special birthday previous June.”

Mr Choudhury mentioned he’s got post-traumatic anxiety condition, this means this individual battles to manage customers on your own and should not operate.

Now he has got used a large advance for both the Muslim and LGBT communities.

He or she extra: “we will get a large event in Darlaston and pay a visit to Spain for per week on a break.”

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